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Affiliate Marketing Through Email

Video: Learn The Affiliate Online Marketing Business Model Using An Effective Email Marketing Campaign.

Workshop #1: How Anik Used Email to Generate Over $3 Million in Commissions a Year…

Here is a video to help anyone who wants to get started online with Affiliate Online Marketing, using Email Marketing Strategies.

In this Success Weekly video, Anik is kicking off his 2-part EMAIL STARTUP WORKSHOP Series!

In Workshop #1, Anik dives into how to use email to generate over $3 million in commissions in a year…Pretty amazing huh?!

When you watch this video you will learn:

  • The 5 Step System We Use to Turn Information Into a Full Email Business! Plus a BONUS 6th Step to really amp up your results!
  • How We Consistently Generate $3M+ a Year Promoting Other People’s Products!
  • Master The Secrets To How We Write Powerful Emails That Convert Into Instant Sales!

Affiliate Online Marketing.

In the past, to start a business you had to make a HUGE upfront investment of money and time. Today the internet has made that so much easier.

With affiliate online marketing as the business model..…

  • There’s no need to hire people
  • You don’t need to create your own product
  • You can capitalize on other people’s hard work

There are thousands of companies with affiliate marketing programs selling products and services online who are DYING to partner with you. Companies like JVZoo, Clickbank and many more.

In this video training, Anik shares his best strategies on how to build a database of email addresses filled with people hungry for the information and offers you have to give. You can get your free trial for Sendlane email service here to use for your email data base and which is the one Anik uses and speaks about in the video.

Every day, you just need to send an email to that database promoting an offer, Anik will show you how.

Some of the people who receive that email will buy that offer, and the people you promoted it for will send you a check for each of those sales.

That’s it! Easy when you know how!

Now go and watch this video and let me know how you go by commenting in the section below! I would love to hear from you!


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